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Colorado Springs is home to a number of military installations and is an enviable posting! Fort Carson, Peterson Air Force Base, Schriever Air Force Base and the prestigious United States Air Force Academy are all located in this picturesque Colorado town. Did you catch that? There are THREE Air Force installations here. If there is ever a clue to a phenomenal standard of living, it’s that. As a bonus, U.S. News and World Report just ranked Colorado Springs 5th on their 2016 “Best Places to Live” list. Quality of life, job prospects and affordability were key in their ranking of 100 metropolitan cities. Peterson Air Force Base is the home of the 21st Space Wing in addition to 53 mission partners, including NORAD/NORTHCOM and the Air Force Space Command.

The history of Colorado Springs is rooted in the Gold Rush of the mid-1800’s. Here at the eastern foot of the Rockies you’ll still find evidence of wealthy mine owners in the grand victorian homes near Cheyenne Mountain, as well as the eclectic and frontiersman’s spirit of the miners down in the foothills and surrounding plains. With more than 300 days of glorious sunshine a year, the dry climate and mellow seasons promote an extremely active lifestyle. Locals and tourists alike enjoy year-round outdoor recreation.

Want next-day Amazon shipping, Uber and grocery delivery service? This area has all of the modern day amenities a city-slicker can dream of. Being that it is a city, you may have to spend some time and really explore to find something that fits your BAH, but no worries! We’re here to help. No matter what area you choose, you’ll still be reasonably close to any other part of town. Most of your day-to-day needs are reachable within 15 to 20 minutes of wherever you choose to call “home.” With top rated hospitals and treatment facilities, you won’t have to journey far for specialized services. As a bonus, Denver is only a little over an hour away if you’ are searching for a bigger city, greater employment opportunities, or just want to get away!

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Base Location

Colorado Springs Airport (COS)
10 to 15 minutes
Denver International Airport (DEN)
1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours
Greyhound Bus
120 S Weber
Colorado Springs, CO
20 minutes

Denver – 1 hour 30 minutes to 2 hours


Visitors Center Northern Cmd/NORAD Commissary/BX
Southwest West Gate via US 24 W 15 mins
*35 mins
25 mins
*40 mins
Northwest West Gate via I-25 to US 24 25mins
*45 mins
35 mins
*50 mins
West West Gate via US 24 W 25 mins
*45 mins
30 mins
*50 mins
Central West Gate via E. Platte Ave 18 mins
*30 mins
Central East Gate via US 24 to Marksheffel 20 mins
*35 mins
East East Gate via US 24 to Marksheffel 15 mins
*30 mins
East North Gate via US 24″ 12 mins
*25 mins
Northeast North Gate via Academy to E. Platte 18 mins
*35 mins
20 mins
*35 mins
Briargate North Gate via CO 21 (Powers) 25 mins
*40 mins
Briargate East Gate via CO 21 (Powers) 25 mins
*45 mins
FalconEast Gate via US 24 15 mins
*20 mins
FalconNorth or West Gate via US 24 12 mins
*20 mins
Powers North or West Gate via Powers or Academy 10 mins
*20 mins
Powers East Gate via Powers or Academy 15 mins
*20 mins
Fountain West Gate via US 85 to US 87 20 mins
*40 mins
Fountain East Gate via Marksheffel 20 mins
*30 mins
Northgate North or West Gate via Powers 25 mins
*40 mins
Northgate East Gate via Powers 25 mins
*40 mins
Southeast West Gate via Airport Road 15 mins
*25 mins
20 mins
*30 mins
Monument East Gate via I-25 to CO 21 30 mins
*55 mins
40 mins
*60 mins

Impact of Peak Hours 6a – 9a | 4p – 7p

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  • Central

  • East / Northeast

  • Falcon

  • Powers

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