We are Millie

Combined, we’ve moved wives, husbands, pets, Airstreams, vinyl record collections, furniture, children, destination signs and an aircraft carrier filled with wonderful memories over 50 times. We are bound by our “bring it on” spirit and our desire to provide services and opportunities for military people to help each other eradicate stress from the military move.

Team Millie

We came together inspired by the things we’ve seen and done, and believe that drives us to create a better experience for military families.

Ken Robbins

Co-Founder, CEO
1994-2014 PCS’d 11x

Jason Dempsey

Co-Founder, COO
1993-2015 PCS’d 12x

Kellie Artis

Director of Business Development & Communications
Military Spouse PCS’d 7x
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Ken Robbins

Ken Robbins is the co-founder and CEO of MILLIE. He is a former Army officer with twenty years of experience serving in tactical, operational, and strategic level assignments. In 2009, Ken was appointed as one of fifteen White House Fellows by President Obama. His educational background includes a BS from West Point and an MPA from the Harvard Kennedy School. Ken and his wife, Heidi, who is a top-performing real estate agent in Northern Virginia, have lived in 12 homes during 20 years of Army moves. They purchased their first home in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1998 and their current home in Arlington, Virginia in 2015. They have two daughters, one who works for the Hiring our Heroes Military Spouse Program at the US Chamber of Commerce and the other who is a freshman at Penn State.

Chief Operations Officer

Kellie Artis

Kellie Artis is the COO of MILLIE. She is an Army spouse, military family advocate, and community builder. She also serves on the Military Family Advisory Network’s advisory board, a nonprofit committed to connecting military families with the resources they need to thrive. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communication, but as a military spouse has worked in a vast array of industries, from retail to fine arts. Kellie has been married to her Soldier for twelve years and currently resides in Fayetteville, North Carolina with their two young children.

Scout Director

Gailo Bodenhamer

Gailo Bodenhamer is the Scout Director of MILLIE. She is an Army wife of eighteen years. As with many military spouses, she has held a dizzying variety of jobs over the years, including working in Army education centers and credit unions and as an Accredited Financial Counselor. Gailo was one of the first MILLIE Scouts to begin helping military families with their long-distance moves and is a natural fit for the director seat. She graduated from Southwestern University with a Bachelor of Arts in Business. She enjoys the military lifestyle and is passionate about helping other military families settle into their communities. She, her Soldier husband, and their three children currently call Detroit Arsenal, Michigan home.

Co-Founder and Director of Strategic Partnerships

Jason Dempsey

Jason Dempsey, PhD, is the co-founder of MILLIE.  He recently completed a career as an infantry officer in the United States Army, last serving as special assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. During his career, he served in leadership and staff assignments in airborne, ranger, and air assault units. He deployed twice to Afghanistan and once to Iraq, most recently with the 101st Airborne Division as a combat adviser to the Afghan Border Police along the border with Pakistan. From 2010-2011, he served as the First Lady’s White House Fellow and coordinated the development and initial implementation of Joining Forces. Jason earned a Bachelor of Science from the United States Military Academy and holds a PhD in political science from Columbia University.

Content Writer

Claire Wood

Claire Wood is a proud military spouse, writer, podcaster, and teacher. She loves public libraries, trips to the beach, and hosting friends in her home.

Graphic Artist

Josey Depew

Josey Depew is the Graphic Artist for MILLIE. She is fairly new to the military lifestyle and being an ARMY spouse, however, she has quickly grown to love it. Josey graduated in 2018 from the University of Central Missouri with a BSin Graphic Technologies, which entails both print and design. She has worked for companies such as Sodexo and Fair Market Inc., providing graphic design services that range from social media content, advertisements, menus, brochures, and so much more. Josey also runs her own small business, Graceful Leo Designs, where she creates handmade jewelry and decor. She feels fortunate and humbled to be able to help the military community with making the moving process just a little bit easier. Josey and her husband, Derek, have an 8 year old Welsh Pembroke Corgi named Opry and are currently stationed at Fort Campbell, KY. 

Social Media Manager

Jana Arevalo

Jana Arevalo is a 15 year military spouse of an active duty Army soldier, mom of 3 active and busy kiddos, and one of our current MILLIE Scouts! She currently lives in Tampa, FL, but will always be a lifelong Texan. Jana has PCS’d 10 times during her military journey, and has a passion and an enthusiasm for serving other military families. Jana enjoys hanging with her dogs, learning how to paddleboard, working out, and traveling to new spots in her family’s current duty station. She is excited to be a part of the MILLIE team!

Base Guide Writer

Katelynne Burrell

Katelynne Burrell is a military spouse of 7 years and mom to two young children. She formerly worked as a Mechanical Engineer for the U.S. Army Department of Defense writing and implementing contracts for new construction and renovation projects. Katelynne uses her free time to volunteer in her local community or chat with friends over a cup of coffee. She also enjoys finding unique coffee shops at every duty station, reading, quilting and traveling.

Content Writer

Heather Walsh

Heather Walsh is a mom of two, Marine Wife, Navy child, Physician Assistant,
and writer who uses her experience to handle each new move, 18 and
counting, and find adventure at each new duty station. She has a passion for
helping others feel supported and is dedicated to sharing the experience of
military life and any tips and tricks learned along the way with the military
community. She cofounded MilMomAdventures with two other Marine
spouses to share travel and lifestyle tips for the military family at
www.milmomadventures.com. When she isn’t working, crafting with her
kiddos, going on the next adventure, or writing, she is likely reheating her
coffee for the sixth time.

Base Guide Writer

Jennifer Herbek

Jennifer Herbek is an Army spouse and mom to four kids and one poodle.  She’s one of those rare souls that loves moving and thinks cardboard boxes, packing paper and inventory sheets are exciting. She has logged more than 22 moves so far, and looks forward to exploring more new places, one PCS at a time! Her passion is cheering on fellow military families and equipping them with the information they need to navigate military life.

What Guides Us

This is the fabric of our culture. They stand as the framework
for all decisions we make.


Arguing whether the glass is half full or half empty entirely misses the point of there bing enough room for more wine.


We’re badasses. Nothing frightens us. Not even a diaper blowout at 3a.m. on a cross country PCS when there’s no spare in the duffle bag.


We view every meal as a feast, every home as our palace, every job as a win fall and every move as a journey of a lifetime.

Family. Country. Each other. 


Our Scouts are military spouses standing ready to help you move. They answer questions, run errands, retrieve information and act as your eyes and ears before and after your move.