School Scope

If we asked a military parent embarking on a PCS (whether it’s the first time or their 10th) what their biggest concerns are, they will respond with: getting a house and finding the right school. This concern spans all school types: from public to private, charter to home school. As parents ourselves, we know the right school goes beyond the education your child will receive but encompasses the entire transition into your new community.
Many people turn to the computer looking for statistics to support their decision, hoping to find answers that will reassure them during an uncomfortable time. But at MILLIE we’re looking to change that. Numbers and ratings only tell part of the story.
It’s time to take a 360-degree view of the schools you are considering. Below is the process for finding the right school for your kid(s). You can download the full toolkit to get the school comparison worksheet. That will help you compare each school you’re considering and keep track of facts and figures.


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