PCS Basics Toolkit

Congratulations! You’ve received orders and are gearing up for a Permanent Change of Station (PCS). Chances are you’re pumped and hesitant. Trust us, we get it! Rest assured, though, the MILLIE team has created a Toolkit that will give you the basics to rock out your upcoming PCS.

In this Toolkit, you’ll find the following info, tips, and tricks:

Section One: Receiving Orders

Section Two: Glossary of Terms

Section Three: CONUS vs. OCONUS PCS

Section Four: Household Shipment Options

Section Five: Finance Items to Note

Section Six: Move Timeline

Section Seven: Setting Up Your Move

Section Eight: Moving the MILLIE Way!

Section Nine: Resources

Learn From The Pros

Pairing the PCS Basics Toolkit with our PCS Binder Downloads and brand new Professional Services Vendor Tracker (also free) will have you sailing through your next relocation feeling #likeaboss. 

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Interactive Learning, the MILLIE Way.

We believe there is calm to be found in the chaos of a PCS or any transition. Our online academy is a place to discover opportunities for growth and understanding. We want to see you thrive, not just survive!

Let’s do this #theMILLIEway.

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