Panama City


Panama City is the urban pair to its touristy neighbor, Panama City Beach (PCB). The two are physically close, but very different in style and vibe. The “town side” is older, quieter, and more laid back than the boisterous “beach side.” Proximity to Naval Support Activity Panama City (NSA PC) makes it a popular choice for those stationed there, and some reporting to Tyndall Air Force Base will make the trek to live here as well.

Panama City has a laid back vibe and a variety of home styles to choose from. The city serves as the seat of Bay County, has multiple hospitals, and offers a robust shopping and restaurant scene. Traffic is a consideration, but can be lighter in Panama City than PCB. Winter months bring a hibernation of sorts to the region with a marked decrease in traffic and out-of-towners. The Hathaway Bridge (Hwy 98) connects Panama City with PCB (and NSA PC).


Panama City is known for being a fairly quiet, working class town. You’ll find older residents here that aren’t as interested in the party scene on the beach side. Military families also like to settle here.

Neighborhood Feel

Some find Panama City to have an “Old Florida” feel (think vintage Miami), with a historic district and retro charm. The quiet streets are conducive to retirees and families, but there are still some active districts. A lot of families look north of 23rd street for the more reputable schools. Some of the neighborhoods can be mixed zones, meaning you may find really nice homes across from mobile home communities. Be sure to research the entire area and not buy or rent sight unseen here. A Scout or AgentHero can be of immense value in finding the best place for your family.  


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Local Love

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Neighborhood Location

NSA Panama City – West Gate
Tyndall AFB – Main Gate
Drive Time to Gate
20 to 30* minutes
20 to 25* minutes
By Transit
Baytown Trolley – 30 minutes

Local Love

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Neighborhood Info

Panama City - Tyndall AFB & NSA Panama City, FL -

Points of Interest

St. Andrew’s State Park

Oaks by the Bay Park

Panama City Marina

Big Plus

Panama City has some incredible beaches, especially St. Andrews State Park.

Crossing over to Panama City Beach takes minutes, and often the trip over Hathaway Bridge offers dolphin sightings.  

Touristy beaches have touristy amenities. You’ll have no lack of mini-golf, go-kart, and pirate ship outings at your disposal!

Winter months bring a slow down as the crowds thin and vacationers return to their lives. Some shops, restaurants, and event venues close up for the season but others offer significant discounts for loyal locals.

Things to Consider

Living in this panhandle city will be a delight to most of your senses – except perhaps your sense of smell. RockTenn, a large paper mill in Panama City, produces some particularly odorous fragrances when they “cook” paper. A strong sulfuric smell occasionally wafts across the region, and though harmless, it’s certainly unmistakeable.

Like a lot of tourist cities on the coast, Panama City has a relatively high cost of living and lower than average wages.

Panama City, being more urban, has higher taxes and insurance rates compared to its more rural neighbors.

How’s the Market?

The median home value for single family homes in Panama City is $149,000 according to the Zillow Home Value Index. Home Values are forecasted to increase by 4.5% in the coming year.

According to Zillow’s Rental Index, the median rental rate for a single family home in Panama City is $1,161.

School Scoop

Public schools in Panama City are part of Bay District Schools (BDS), which has an overall ranking of 5 according to One of the best schools is Bay Haven Charter Middle School, which is rated 10. There are six charter schools in the BDS.

BDS works closely with military families and offers the opportunity to pre-register military children for school.

School Choice in BDS does not give preference to the type of schooling, however, school choice comes into play should the parent decide that their child should attend a school outside of their geographic assignment. The most common options offered by School Choice programs include open enrollment, home education, private schools, and charter schools.

BDS has a dress code with uniforms for all schools.

BDS offers and array of academic programs for middle and high school students including: International Baccalaureate (IB), Advanced Placement, and collegiate studies and preparatory programs.

Highlighted Areas


Lake Caroline

Forest Park


St. Andrews