Harker Heights


Two hog farmers once owned the land now known as Harker Heights. However, when Fort Hood (now Fort Cavazos) gained permanent status and encroached on their land, the farmers started subdividing their property and selling lots. One of the farmers, Pinckney Cox, became the mayor of the new town and named it after his colleague, Harley Kern, who didn’t live to see the incorporation.

Harker Heights lies on Highway 190 between Killeen and Nolanville in Central Texas. About 10 to 20 years ago, this was the new “hot spot” to rent or buy. It’s still home to many military families but may be beginning to lose its luster in some areas. The shopping is excellent in ‘Heights,’ and “everyone’s favorite Target” is located here. The schools are some of the most desirable in the region, and the commute to post is reasonable. The family-friendly neighborhoods, large homes, and mature landscaping are all draws for those looking for a home.


Harker Heights is home to a substantial military population. Families flock to the area for the highly rated schools, proximity to post, and tight-knit neighborhoods. There is a lot of turnover, so you’ll always see “For Rent/Sale” signs as your neighbors come and go each PCS season.

Neighborhood Feel

Harker Heights subdivisions boast large, shady oak trees and big homes with spacious yards. Though built in similar styles, you can find larger homes and sometimes a pool. There’s limited traffic on neighborhood streets and well-lit sidewalks for evening strolls. Most of the homes date back to the late 1990s to the mid-2000s and are two-story or ranch brick homes.

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Neighborhood Location

TJ Mills Gate
Drive Time to Gate
12 to 20* minutes
By Transit

Neighborhood Info

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Points of Interest

Market Heights

Purser Family Park

Peloton Ridge Country Club

Summit Soccer Complex

Stillhouse Hollow Lake

Big Plus

One thing that stands out about Harker Heights is the shopping. There’s a Target, Walmart, kid’s stores, Barnes and Noble, Chick-fil-A, etc. In the same shopping center, there is also an off-post clinic for dependents, so you can kill time shopping while you wait on a prescription!

The elementary schools and the high school in Harker Heights come highly recommended by local spouses. Mountain View Elementary, Skipcha Elementary, Union Grove Middle, and Harker Heights High School were all mentioned as schools to look into.

Harker Heights has a city pool, Carl Levin Outdoor Pool, that has very reasonable membership rates.

The commute is still reasonable to Fort Cavazos, but you’re also closer to cities like Belton, Salado, and Austin for work or play.

Things to Consider

Harker Heights has higher property taxes than Killeen, which can tack on an additional $200 per month to rental rates or a mortgage. Your money won’t go quite as far here as it will in Killeen, but some are more than willing to make that sacrifice.

Harker Heights does not have a recycling program, so the eco-conscious will have to take their recycling to the center themselves.

Central Texas gets hot. We’re talking sweltering hot. Transplants from anywhere except the southeastern U.S. report experiencing climate shock. This semi-arid region has warm winters and hot, humid summers. Look for homes with big, shady oak trees to save on cooling expenses. Irrigation systems are also a huge money and time saver if you plan to keep up a yard. Also, be aware that this is part of Tornado Alley.

How’s the Market?

The average Harker Heights home value is $302,592, up 4.1% over the past year, and goes to pending in around 34 days, according to the Zillow Home Value Index (May 2023).

School Scoop

Public schools in Harker Heights belong to Killeen Independent School District (KISD). KISD serves the Central Texas communities of Killeen, Fort Cavazos, Harker Heights, and Nolanville.

KISD offers a full-day 3-year-old preschool program to children of military members residing in the attendance zone of the on-post school they will attend. A full-day 4-year-old preschool program is available to children of military members, those who speak a language other than English at home, those eligible for free/reduced lunch, and homeless and foster children.

KISD offers the chance for interdistrict transfers, especially if your student is interested in taking advantage of special programs. An attractive alternative may include Killeen High School’s International Baccalaureate program, the orchestra at Harker Heights High School, leadership courses at Ellison High School, or engineering and robotics courses at Shoemaker High School. Transfers can be granted for a number of different reasons as outlined by the KISD board of trustees. Transportation is not provided to students attending a school outside their zone.

Killeen Independent School District and the school-run media outlet, KISD-TV Channel 17, work in conjunction with Fort Cavazos to broadcast graduation ceremonies to deployed military family members.

Highlighted Areas

Skipcha Mountain

Stagecoach Final

Tuscany Meadows

Evergreen Estates

White Rock

Country Trails