After the initial celebration that comes with orders to Hawaii, comes the daunting task of researching where to live.This tropical archipelago can seem like a foreign land and with good reason! There are multiple languages spoken on the islands, many distinct and culturally rich ethnic groups represented, and “mainlanders” are regarded as tourists or visitors. The overwhelming advice we’ve received from military spouses who have been stationed here is to embrace the culture and customs of the island! The sooner you shed your “mainland eyes” and reframe your perspective, the sooner your love affair with this duty station can begin.

Yes, homes are more expensive here, but it’s a tropical paradise.
Yes, it’s practically like moving to a foreign country, but soak in that magnificently rich culture and history.
Yes, houses and construction practices are very different and few homes have central a/c, but you will eventually acclimate and learn to love your breezy lanai.
Yes, open windows and doors invite guests of the critter variety, but the geckos eat mosquitos (circle of life, Ohana, all that…).  

Embrace the Aloha spirit and go ahead and get on island time. Keep an open mind, positive spirit and take advantage of the once-in-a-lifetime travel opportunities! You’ll leave the island better for it.

JB Pearl Harbor Hickam

Tripler Army Medical Center

Schofield Barracks/Wheeler Army Airfield

Fort Shafter

Marine Corp Base Hawaii

Local Love

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JBPHH Wheeler/Schofield Tripler AMC Fort Shafter MCBH
Ewa Beach 25-75 mins 22-45 mins 30-75 mins 30-75 mins 45-75 mins
Kapolei 60-90 mins 20-35 mins 30-60 mins 30-65 mins 45-90 mins
Kailua 25-35 mins 35-45 mins 25-45 mins 25-45 mins 10-15 mins
Kaneohe 18-26 mins 30-40 mins 20-35 mins 20-40 mins 10 mins
Pearl City 15-45 mins 15-20 mins 15-55 mins 20-55 mins 30-60 mins
Aiea 15-24 mins 15-20 mins 10-30 mins 15-40 mins 25-30 mins
Mililani 20-60 mins 8-10 mins 20-60 mins 20-25 mins 30-60 mins
Wahiawa 30-70 mins 7-10 mins 25-75 mins 25-60 mins 35-75 mins
North Shore 45-80 mins 15-20 mins 45-60 mins 40-80 mins 75 mins
Honolulu 20-45 mins 35-60 mins 15-40 mins 15-35 mins 25-60 mins