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Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story


Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story (JEBLCFS) is made up of the former Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek and the Army’s Fort Story. In October 2009, it became the first joint base in Hampton Roads. JEBLCFS has one command with two separate properties. JEB Little Creek and JEB Fort Story are located a little over ten miles apart and tasked with training our nation’s Expeditionary Forces. The joint base sits on approximately 2,120 acres of land in the northwest corner of Virginia Beach, and portions of Norfolk, Virginia.

Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek

JEB Little Creek is the Navy’s hot spot for Amphibious Forces in the Atlantic Fleet. During World War II, strategies for landing masses of fighters on European beaches prompted the need for sufficient training space. The 4,000-plus acres of swamp and farmland, and almost eight miles of beach surrounding Little Creek, afforded the perfect mix of terrain for training in the art of amphibious assault. In 1942, there were four military camps established in the area. After WWII they were merged into one permanent installation and renamed Naval Amphibious Base Little Creek.

Today, JEB Little Creek is home to almost 15,000 personnel, 132 resident commands, and is one of the fastest growing bases in Hampton Roads. The MWR facilities are robust and military families from all over the Tidewater come here to take advantage of the offerings. Base housing is available, but most families choose to wait for space in a privatized housing community (there are several scattered throughout the nearby cities) or try to find a private home in the community.

Calm waters, ample beaches, proximity to downtown Norfolk, and convenient access to the bridge-tunnels are all benefits to living near JEB Little Creek. There is also a high likelihood of receiving follow-on orders to Naval Station Norfolk (or the other way around) because of the synergy of the two installations—hooray for geographic stability!

Joint Expeditionary Base Fort Story

JEB Fort Story sits perched on an outcrop on the northeastern tip of Virginia Beach. This historically significant and militarily strategic post at Cape Henry guards the entrance to the Chesapeake Bay. This spot is actually where the original European settlers first landed in 1607 before continuing into the harbor and up the James River to Jamestown. At its inception in 1914 it was an integral part of the defense of the harbor. In the 1940s, its focus changed to caring for wounded soldiers returning from the European Theater. During its two years in operation, the hospital at Fort Story treated more than 13,000 patients. In 1946 the mission shifted once more to transportation, and Fort Story became a training ground for Logistics-Over-The-Shore (LOTS) and Army amphibious operations.

Virginia Beach is an idyllic place to call home. This small installation does have a few homes available on base, but most families try to live in the nearby communities. The oceanfront is a favorite of locals and tourists alike. Take note: Fort Story’s major command is at Fort Eustis (50 miles away and over a bridge-tunnel). It is possible that assignments could be altered from Fort Story to Fort Eustis after in-processing. Be sure you know exactly where you or your spouse will be reporting before choosing a home!

Base Services :

  • Housing Services

    Location: Navy Housing Service Center 2600 Tarawa Ct. Bldg. 1602, Suite 105 Virginia Beach, VA 23459 Hours: M - F: 0730 to 1600
  • Fleet & Family Support Center

    Location: Fort Story 517 Solomons Rd. Virginia Beach, VA 23459
    Location: Little Creek 1450 D St. Virginia Beach, VA 23459 Hours: M - F: 0800 to 1630
  • School Liaison Office

    Location: Fort Story 300 Guadalcanal Rd. Suite 112 Virignia Beach, VA 23452 Hours: M - F: 0800 to 1630 Or by appointment   Location: Little Creek 1481 D St. Bldg. 3016 Virginia Beach, VA 23459 Hours: M - F: 0800 to 1630 Or by appointment

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Base Location

Norfolk International Airport (ORF)
10 minutes
Newport News/Williamsburg International Airport (PHF)
45 minutes
Richmond International Airport (RIC)
1 hour 40 minutes
Norfolk Bus Station – 30 minutes
701 Monticello Ave.
Norfolk, VA 23510
Hours: M – Su: 0430 to 2330
Washington D.C.  – 3 hours 40 minutes
Raleigh, NC – 3 hours 30 minutes
Philadelphia, PA – 5 hours 45 minutes


Because of the unpredictability of commuting via a bridge-tunnel, we’re going to advise that you avoid it. Most people try to live where they work, so if you’re stationed at a base on the Southside, you want to find a home on the Southside. In the table below we’ve indicated whether or not a commute would include a bridge-tunnel rather than giving a broad range of possible commute times. A jam or accident on one of the bridge-tunnels could leave you stuck for hours!

Virginia Beach 45 MINS
*55 MINS
Norfolk 18 MINS
*26 MINS
Portsmouth 15 MINS
*20 MINS
Chesapeake 30 MINS
*40 MINS
Suffolk 30 MINS
*65 MINS
Newport News

Impact of Peak Hours 6a – 9a | 4p – 7p

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