Southeast D.C.


Southeast DC is the area south of East Capitol Street, and east of South Capitol Street (think of the Capitol Building as the center point of a compass). It continues beyond the Anacostia River and includes the area known as “East of the River.” Southeast has a rich African American history and vibrant culture and has undergone significant revitalization over the past few decades.

After World War II, the Navy Yard scaled back operations and the commercial heart of the District moved downtown. Abandoned warehouses and divestment in the community, not to mention a once heavily polluted river, left the area ripe for crime and neglect. As with any urban city, you’ll find pockets of crime and areas with bad reputations, but we encourage you to look past that. There are many new highrise buildings near the water and the Capitol Hill neighborhood has quaint, treelined streets with pricey rowhomes and local shops on every corner.

The construction of Nationals Park in 2008, home to the Washington Nationals professional baseball team, has helped the area tremendously by attracting restaurants, grocers, parks, and public-use amenities to the Southeast Riverfront.  Two fantastic parks, the Yards Park and Capitol Park, are right on the river and constantly abuzz with activity. The Eastern Market is a very popular food and arts market in the Capitol Hill neighborhood, and lies only a mile north of the Navy Yard.



Southeast is home to people of all ages. Young working couples and singles gravitate here for the affordable apartments, townhomes, and English basements (lowest floor of a townhouse or brownstone). It is also an eclectic and diverse community that has embraced a number of different immigrant groups with rich cultures. Most of the area is walkable and the residents tend to be very active.

Neighborhood Feel

Close to the Riverfront, you’ll see highrise apartment buildings with new restaurants, parks and community spaces to enjoy. As you go farther north into Capitol Hill, the homes get pricier, and the neighborhoods become more affluent. Young families gravitate near the Eastern Market for walkable restaurants, parks, and shopping; and they love the quieter pace and lack of raucous nightlife. As with any urban city, you’ll find pockets of crime so we encourage you to do your research before renting or buying in Southeast DC.


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Neighborhood Location

Neighborhood Info

Southeast Washington D.C. - Navy Yard & JB Anacostia Bolling -

Points of Interest

Nationals Park – Washington Nationals MLB home stadium

DC United Stadium – the DC United professional soccer team’s stadium

DC Armory – Event and convention center housed in a WWII armory

Library of Congress – The world’s biggest library

Eastern Market – Expansive market with trendy foods, artisanal everything, flowers, produce – you name it!

Capitol Riverfront – Home of the Yards Park and Canal Park

Anacostia Riverwalk Trail

Community Museum and Douglass House Anacostia


Big Plus

Southeast is home to a gorgeous riverfront, abundant public spaces and parks with a young vibe and active culture.

Transit options are many with the Navy Yard Metro station, bus service, and the Circulator bus to connect to Union Station and Capitol Hill. There’s even a water taxi!

Things to Consider

As with most urban communities, there are pockets of crime. It is recommended that you research crime statistics before renting or buying.

DC schools are not always recommended by the military spouses we’ve spoken with, but we encourage you to do your research. Most military families opt to live in Virginia for the preferable school districts, but that’s not to say you can’t find a great school in DC. There’s also a lottery for DC schools if your neighborhood school doesn’t excite you and DC offers free public preschool!

How’s the Market?

The median home value is $511,700 according to the Zillow Home Value Index.

Home Values are forecasted to increase by 3.6% in the coming year.

According to Zillow’s Rental Index, the median rental rate for single-family homes in Washington D.C. is $2,645.

School Scoop

Schools in Southeast Washington D.C. Are a part of the District of Columbia Public Schools system, which has an overall rating of 5, according to You have the option of enrolling your children in any school that they aren’t already zoned to in the District of Columbia Public School system through the DCPS one-stop shop lottery system. Lotteries are available for preschool programs (3 and 4 year olds), out-of-boundary schools K-12 (those outside your zone), selective high schools, and charter schools. Spots fill up so make sure you enroll as soon as the lottery opens in their online system. Confused? Not to worry. Here’s a great overview video of how the DC Lottery works.

Military families may apply for the DCPS Lottery before you have orders by working with your School Liaison Officer (SLO). If you have a middle or high schooler, it is highly recommended that you consult with your SLO to discuss options for school choice in the DC area. That recommendation is emphasized even more if you have a child that is gifted, has an IEP or any other specific needs.

DC Preschools are publically funded (FREE) and fill quickly. It is recommended that you enroll early to a preschool, or Child Development Center (CDC), near the base because bus transportation is not available at this age.

Beginning in 2016-2017, some DCPS schools will be operating on an Extended Year calendar that allows for a longer school year with more frequent breaks.

Highlighted Areas

Capitol Riverfront

Capitol Hill


Near Southeast

Historic Anacostia