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MILLIE is a one-stop-shop for PCS’ing military families providing information and professional services. Our free installation guides give users an in-depth look at their new duty station and surrounding communities on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood level.  To date, we have over 70 installations (all branches of service) represented on the site, with over 200 detailed area and neighborhood pages.

Our Audience

As soon as a service member has PCS orders,or even rumors of orders, the search for a new home begins. The research burden typically falls to the military spouse, and she92% are female—is not only looking for school ratings and housing costs, but also for the family’s day-to-day amenities and service providers.

Our users are proactive and on a mission to re-establish their family’s pattern of life as quickly and seamlessly as possible—from dental care to their favorite grocer. Early exposure to local businesses who support MILLIE’s efforts to ease this research burden will certainly be noted by attentive military spouses.  

MILLIE’s Audience is 92% female, of which 80% are between the ages of 25 and 44.

Purchase Behavior

Our audience is more likely to spend in several categories than the average Facebook user:

Kids Products = +200% [more likely]
Subscription services = +18% [more likely] 
Health and beauty = +17% [more likely] 
Food and drink = +9% [more likely]
Clothing = +3% [more likely]
Household products = +3% [more likely]
Home and garden = +3% [more likely] 

MILLIE is the most comprehensive military installation guide online.

Global Sponsorship Opportunity

This valuable space appears across the entire site, on every base page and neighborhood page. This is max exposure and is listed alongside MILLIE’s core services.

Base Page Sponsorship

Appearing on each Base Page, there is a featured Local Love section. This grid is located between the commute chart and neighborhood grid.

Neighborhood Page Sponsorship

Each Base Page leads to several Neighborhood Pages. Sponsoring a Neighborhood Page allows local businesses to be featured not only in their neighborhood, but on all of the areas surrounding the base.


Military service members and their families spend the first several months of a tour getting to know their new home. Why not be on their radar from the moment they have PCS orders and are doing their initial research on where to live?

As an added perk, you’ll also be featured on our Sponsor Spotlight blog series on the MILLIE Journal. We want our users to know why you support military families.

By sponsoring MILLIE installation guides, you’re ensuring that we can continue to provide unique, valuable, and stress-reducing content to PCS’ing military families completely free-of-charge. Your support is crucial for us to keep Bringing Military Families Home!

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MILLIE Sponsor Spotlight

MILLIE Sponsor Spotlight: Stroller Strong Moms—Fayetteville, NC

Stroller Strong Moms

To “SWEAT LIKE A MOTHER.” Affectionately known as S.L.A.M. To provide moms a UNIQUE, FUN, & CHALLENGING total body workout. To bring women together, not only as moms, but as athletes who show their children that your body is the greatest instrument you will ever own.

MILLIE Sponsor Spotlight: Leclair’s General Store

Leclair’s General Store

Our goal for the General Store is to provide an interactive space with a selection of carefully curated products with strong local focus. We aim to develop relationships and partnerships with members of the military, local businesses, artists, teachers, musicians, historians, chefs and artisans. 

MILLIE Sponsor Spotlight: Guiding Wellness Institute

Guiding Wellness Institute

A national holistic health and wellness company committed to inspiration, education, and collaboration for the discovery, recovery and maintenance of living in balance.