We are Millie

Combined, we’ve moved wives, husbands, pets, Airstreams, vinyl record collections, furniture, children, destination signs and an aircraft carrier filled with wonderful memories over 50 times. We are bound by our “bring it on” spirit and our desire to provide services and opportunities for military people to help each other eradicate stress from the military move.

Team Millie

We came together inspired by the things we’ve seen, done and believe that drives us to create a better experience for military families.

Ken Robbins

Co-Founder, CEO
1994-2014 PCS’d 11x

Lauren Rothlisberger

Director of Marketing
Military Spouse PCS’d 7x

Jason Dempsey

Co-Founder, COO
1993-2015 PCS’d 12x

Amy Shick

Director Community Relations
Military Spouse PCS’d 11x

Kristen Senn

Director of Client Relations
Military Spouse PCS’d 9x

Kellie Artis

Content Coordinator
Military Spouse PCS’d 7x

Alexis Miller

Social Media Coordinator
Military Spouse PCS’d 2x

What Guides Us

This is the fabric of our culture. They stand as the framework
for all decisions we make.


We view every meal as a feast, every home as our palace, every job as a windfall and every move as a journey of a lifetime.


Family. Country. Each other.


Arguing whether the glass is half full or half empty entirely misses the point of there being enough room for more wine.


We’re badasses. Nothing frightens us. Not even a diaper blowout at 3a.m. on a cross country PCS when there’s no spare in the duffle bag.


Our Scouts are military spouses standing ready to help you move. They answer questions, run errands, retrieve information and act as your eyes and ears before and after your move.